About Jo Ann

Jo Ann Lowell brings her authentic presence and her infectious joy to the circles and conscious breath retreats she leads. She creates a safe and sacred space for the heart to speak within her circles and private sessions and she has an abiding faith in the unique gifts that each person brings forth.  She has over 20 years working internationally with the conscious breath as a certified breath practitioner and as a birth attendant offering conscious gentle birth.

Jo Ann is aligned with wisdom teachings of many Indigenous teachers from many Indigenous communities and she carries a grace and power of grandmother wisdom as a ceremonial leader, dream weaver and a singer of medicine songs.  As a captivating speaker at international conferences she is warm, generous and real.

Jo Ann is the National Co-ordinator for Canada of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) and she has been the host of the Global Inspiration Conference, which is a leading edge annual gathering of leaders in the conscious breath movement.  She has been active internationally in the spread of conscious breath into schools, the office, the boardroom, into Indigenous cultures and to decision makers in the highest levels.

She is a champion of the collective awakening and of remembering our sacred place on our one beautiful blue planet. Jo Ann makes her home in a conscious community off the beaten path in the mountains of BC– where she is respected as an elder and beloved by many. She is motivated by the promise for each person to realize their own inherent goodness, and to recognize it is already here.



Background: a soul's journey


  From the souls’ perspective my life makes sense but to any other naked eye my life may look like a random patchwork quilt of wild ramblings. As a young child by the age of two I knew I had a purpose here on the planet. I felt my first mother was the earth, and I delighted in my wild time on my own upon Her back or swimming in Her waters. I had dreams remembering past lives. In my mid-teens I left my family and middle class life... and again in my 20‘s... I left my marriage, my cushy home, and great job because there was a deeper calling, a yearning of my soul that was calling me forward. I remember at night being haunted by the thought: "I don't want to wake up in my 80s and look back on my life and say what was it all for?" There were no words, no teachings, no bigger story yet in my life to hold this ache in my heart....to meet the promise of why I am here. Soul searching can be a stumbling bumbling process!


"Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves,

for we shall never cease to be amused." 


To be continued, More to come...

"Life is clearly a ceremony for JoAnn and the dreams of those around her are woven by her into a pattern of understanding deeper because her work, at all levels, connects us to what we are connected to: each other and all our relations."

- Carol Stewart

She holds space like a grandma fills the living room of a house, always making you feel welcome and loved just as you are.
— Erika Cuevas. Mexico
"She is a Pacifist Warrior who can incarnate strength, direction, and vision in order to protect values important for a healthy community."

— Danielle De Wilde, Belgium

"Jo Ann is Radiance. She is Love. She exudes Love. Love is at the foundation of all that she is."

Valerie Nunes, Yoga Teacher Trainer

"She is loving and wise and generous with her teachings."

- Shauna Grace Eriksen

"I feel really blessed to have her in my life. She is a great example of someone who is very much in touch with her gifts and is not afraid to share them."

— Erika Cuevas. Mexico


"You are an amazing powerful lady gifted with so much magic. 

— Stephanie-Ann, London

"She is a bright light and a special being."

— Khyati Holman